150 w Hand Held Electric Hot Knife Heat Cutter

150 w Hand Held Electric Hot Knife Heat Cutter - WickedSunLight


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150 w Hand Held Electric Hot Knife Heat Cutter Foam Thermal Cutting Tools Non-Woven Fabric Rope Curtain Heating Knife



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  • Frequency: 50/60HZ
  • Temperature adjustment: adjustable
  • Blade Max temperature: 600 degree      
  • Voltage:220V±10%/110v±10%
  • Power line length: 3M
  • Cutting Range:cloth, leather, plastic, acrylic,ropes,webbing belts,fabric,wall paper,EPS,foam,EPE
  • Package size: 34cm*29cm*9cm
  • Net weight: 1.5kg

Parcels include:

  • 1 x wrench
  • 1 x brush
  • 1 x blade
  • 1 x machine
  • 1 x plastic suitcase 
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NOTE: Always unplug cord of the Thermal Cutter (Hot knife)before installing or removing the blades. Allow sufficient cooling time for blades, blade holders and metal thumb wheels before handing.
1 - Loosen the screws on the blade holders with the wrench.
2 - Slide the blade under the square pressure plate until snug
3 - Securely tighten screws to assure the proper electrical connection. Do not over-tighten.
4 - Once the blade is firmly in place, plug in the Thermal Cutter (Hot knife) Unit into a standard power supply.
5 - The temperature control knob has 16 click setting that correspond to the graduated ridges on the surface. The smaller the ridge the lower the power setting.


1 - The Thermal Cutter (Hot knife) blade have a sharpened razor edge, for the cleanest cut always cut in the direction on the sharpened edge.
2 - Excessive power output and heat generation may cause the blade holders to overheat resulting in damage to the unit. Use only the power output for proper cutting. The blade does not need to be red hot to move through foamed plastics.
- Always operate the Thermal Cutter (Hot knife)in well ventilated space
- Never burn off excess residue on the hot knife blade. The blades will overheat, warping the blade and potentially overheating the Thermal knife
- Keep hot blades away from skin, clothing and other flammable materials.
- Allow blades to cool before handling. A hot blade may cause injury or burns to exposed surfaces.


- For the best results, practice on scrap pieces of Film&Fabrics .
When cutting foam it is best to keep the temperature and speed consistent. If smoke develops during the cut, you are cutting too slow or the blade is to hot which could result in an over-sized, uneven cut. This can be remedied by lowering the temperature and intermittently releasing the trigger during your cut. As the cutting resistance increases, depress the trigger again. The Thermal Cutter (Hot knife)will reach the set temperature within seconds. You can accomplish your cut with minimal smoke using this process. Cutting in this manner will also prolong the life of the knife.


- Put your temperature control knob at midrange setting, place the blade against the edge of the foam and depress trigger. Optimum cutting should be virtually smoke free. 
- Releasing the trigger approximately one or tow inches prior to the completion of the cut will help keep the blade clean and free from buildup

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