Payback (Assassin) Paperback – September 8, 2017 by David Nees

Payback (Assassin) Paperback – September 8, 2017 by David Nees



Payback (Assassin) Paperback – September 8, 2017 by David Nees



Payback (Assassin)

A new thriller from the #1 best-selling author of “After the Fall: Jason’s Tale”After the mob destroys his restaurant, killing his pregnant wife in the process, Dan Stone has nothing left to live for except…payback.He unleashes a series of devastating attacks on the mob designed to destroy their operations before exacting his final revenge. Using his skills as an experienced army sniper, Dan methodically sets out to assassinate those responsible and take down the Brooklyn crime family involved in killing his wife. However his reign of terror and killing leads to a dead end. There seems to be no way out after his mission of revenge is completed. His activities attract attention of an unusual group and they offer an exit path. As events draw to their exciting conclusion and Dan’s options close down around him, will the devil’s bargain he’s offered prove a way out?In Dan Stone we have a new thriller hero. A blue collar kind of guy who’d rather not play the role he’s now called to play no matter how good he is at it.

"When his pregnant wife is killed in the couple's mob-torched Brooklyn business, an Iraq War veteran sets out on a mission for payback.

"Nees' (After the Fall, 2016) latest novel serves as the origin story of Dan Stone, former military sniper and current assassin. ...When he secretly returns to New York, he interferes with Mafia shakedowns and kills some mobsters close to Joey but not the murderer himself.

"Dan wants Joey to sweat, and the sweat indeed pours out of him. ...The Mafia wants Dan found, as do the cops, the FBI, and CIA operative Jane Tanner. ...Jane is one of several strong, smart women in this well-executed thriller. When an FBI agent suggests to her that not two people, but only one--Rita--died in the restaurant fire, Jane counters, "She was pregnant. We women think about that." The dialogue is convincing and tailored to the characters. In addition, the storyline is intricate without seeming over-the-top. Dan's a multifaceted antihero amid a group of intriguing characters on both sides of the law, with some walking the fine line between the two.

A thrilling start to a new series starring a complex assassin." -Kirkus Reviews

"Excellent read! A new killer has come on the scene, and he's the good guy. Nees has hit the target once again and I hope that this is but a promise for many more to come." Amazon customer

"David has done it again. Even though this is a change in venue, he nailed it. Very exciting from the first pages." Amazon customer

"Thrilling page-turner from start to finish. Excellent character development consistent with a coherent, exciting plot line. Excellent work! If you enjoy writers like Catherine Coulter and James Patterson, you'll love Payback." Amazon customer

From the Author

This is the first story to introduce Dan Stone to the reader. He is an everyday guy with some not-so-everyday skills; namely he's a superb marksman and self-taught master of disguise. Unlike many of today's thriller heroes, he doesn't operate at the highest levels of government. He works in the "trenches" of espionage and assassination where there are some strong, gritty stories to tell. He gave up any hope of a regular life when he turned to pursue vengeance on the killers of his wife and unborn child. He would be a man without a future...except for one offered by Jane Tanner, whose offer Dan takes. We'll follow him as he heads off into this new world of CIA operatives and terrorists and some other fascinating characters that are going to show up. I hope you enjoy the ride; more stories to come.
  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1st edition (September 8, 2017)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Paperback ‏ : ‎ 427 pages
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1975893298
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1975893293
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